​a customer-oriented, value driven variety store. We are a family of neighborhood stores delivering convenience clean, fun, and well organized place to shop. 
Our customers can discover new treasures every week from gift bags, party supplies, housewares, seasonal decor, candy, toys, health and beauty care, gifts, stationery, books, and a variety of consumer items.

We specialize in Closeout Merchandise!

we are mostly famous for our closeout merchandise

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s a dollar store”.

You will have the same reaction when entering one of our stores.

We are a family owned business since 1998; each one of our stores is well cleaned & organized, well lit & wide for a maximum convenience and fun shopping experience.

We carry thousands of merchandise which includes many brand names departments product. In addition to everyday dollar items, we are mostly famous for our closeout merchandise which includes baby products, school supplies, candles, plastics, kitchen gadgets, toys, reading/sun glasses, gift bags & wrap, plastics, hardware etc.

Also, we are very famous for our party supplies. We carry over 200 Mylar balloons & every single color in latex. Our balloon prices are unbeatable.

In addition, we carry over 18 party teams’ paper goods for birthdays, baby, wedding, holidays and much more.

We are well aware of the tough economic times and we promise our costumers the best value for their money.

Once you shop in our store you will never shop elsewhere again, and that is our goal.